About INNewsCenter

About INNewsCenter

INNewsCenter was created in 1999 by its owner/author Ava Zinn. The website originally began as a Computer Technology project in addition to a personal blog/informational website which Ava  maintained since November 1, 1999. The original website focused on the Indianapolis and Fort Wayne media markets, eventually growing to include the South Bend/Elkhart, Chicago/Gary, and Terre Haute/Vincennes markets as well. The website went online in 1999 covering Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, with the occasional national story sprinkled in. In early 2004 the website grew to include all ten markets that cover all of Indiana’s 92 counties (Chicago/Gary, Indianapolis, Cincinnati/Rising Sun, Louisville/New Albany, Dayton/Richmond, South Bend/Elkhart, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Terre Haute, and Lafayette). By the end of 2010 INNewsCenter expanded its focus even greater, eventually adding five significantly viewed markets bordering Indiana’s markets (Lexington, KY; Toledo, OH; Detroit, MI; Champaign/Decatur, IL; and Peoria/Bloomington, IL ).

Ava Zinn’s been drawn to local television; the talent, the technology, the journalism, and the gossip. She grew up in Van Buren, Indiana (split between the Fort Wayne and Indianapolis media markets), idolizing iconic figures like WPTA-TV’s Melissa Long, WISE-TV’s Linda Jackson, former WTHR anchorwoman Anne Ryder, former WANE-TV anchorwoman Julie Koening,  WISH-TV’s Debby Knox and Karen Hensel, and so on. Ava knew – that is what she wanted to do. In the real world, sadly,  and reality of Ava Zinn’s life set in and her (ongoing future) career interests moved towards special education, webmastering, and the more practical real estate. While Ava has built a great career in webmastering, her passion for TV news has yet to founder — though the closest thing to TV news is hosting another popular web site “Vote for the Girls,” which Ava Zinn hosts the American, British, and Australian versions with international adaptations hosted by someone other than Ava.


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