Celebrating 20th Year, Aeverine Zinn Holdings Gives Itself a Makeover

Celebrating 20th Year, Aeverine Zinn Holdings Gives Itself a Makeover

Aeverine Zinn Holdings’ reinventing its business with improvements to receipts, detailed billing and invoice statement

EDITOR’s NOTE: Aeverine Zinn Holdings’ Digital Media Division owns INNewsCenter.

MARION, Ind., March 5, 2018 / — Approaching 20 years in business, Aeverine Zinn Holdings, announced today it has changed its core merchant transactions, point-of-sale system, receipts, and billing/invoicing statements. With a more detailed billing and invoicing statement, Aeverine Zinn Holdings’ new invoicing/billing statement have been reinvented to give consumers more options to pay for their order of products and/or services—whether is at Ava Zinn in person, Aeverine Zinn Holdings to advertise on the web sites of AvaZinn.com, Vote for the Girls, INNewsCenter, Vape Back!, Housing Hell, Retail Nightmares; Aeverine Zinn Retail Venues for products, goods, services at Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn, Charlie & Shirley’s Vape Shops, Robyn & Holly’s Vegetarian Buffets; Aeverine Zinn Digital Media for sponsoring episodes of Vote for the Girls USA, Vape Back!, Housing Hell, or Retail Nightmares—and Aeverine Zinn Holdings Founder, Owner/CEO, and Principal Webmaster Ava Zinn herself is backing up with a guarantee.

Rolling out over the course of the recent weeks, Aeverine Zinn Holdings’ new billing statements and receipts will be in all divisions and subsidiaries of Aeverine Zinn Holdings effective April 4, 2018.

“2019 will be my 20th year as a webmaster, and I am kicking it off with the most aggressive promotional campaigns to relaunch Aeverine Zinn Holdings as a transgender woman-owned, LGBT-owned and disadvantaged business after 20 years as a sole proprietorship. This campaign will be the biggest campaign in the history of Aeverine Zinn Holdings,” said Zinn. “This is probably one of my biggest service introductions in my 25 years as a retailer.”

The primary changes of our billing statements and receipts include:

Billing Statements:

The first page of the consumer’s billing statement will always be the payment stub which a consumer goes to any Aeverine Zinn Holdings venue (ex: Aeverine Zinn Holdings Main Office, Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn, etc.) listed on the statement to make an in-person payment by paying with cash, Check/E-check, PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and/or Discover.

The first page can also be mailed to Aeverine Zinn Holdings’ mailing address with Check or money order payable to “AEVERINE NIEVES”, bank draft from the consumer’s bank account (provided the ABA and Account numbers are filled out) to Aeverine Zinn Holdings’ bank account (Our ABA or Routing Number is always disclosed while the entire account number is NEVER, EVER disclosed due to security concerns or issues), PayPal from the consumer’s PayPal e-mail address to Aeverine Zinn Holdings’ PayPal account(s), .MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or Discover credit or debit card account (provided the Name on Card, Credit/Debit Card Number, CVV/Security Code, and Expiration Date numbers are filled out completely).

The second page of the billing statement lists very important information about the payment processing of Aeverine Zinn Holdings.

And finally, the third and following subsequent pages lists the account summary and account activity as well as transactions at all Aeverine Zinn Holdings venues in a particular billing period (whether it is monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually).

Receipts and additional changes of the new Billing Statement’s First Page:

The primary changes of the forms of payment include:

In addition to Cash, Paper Check or Money Order payable to “AEVERINE NIEVES” since launching as FAZLimited on November 1, 1999 as well as PayPal since December 1, 2004…

Aeverine Zinn Holdings is now accepting credit and debit cards bearing the logos of MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover as a method of payment and no more than the last four digits of the consumer’s credit or debit card that is used to pay will be on the receipt when the card is processed via Square Register Point of Sale whether the consumer pays in-person at any Aeverine Zinn Holdings venue, online, or by United States postal/express mail.

Another new form of payment is electronic check (or commonly known as an ACH Debit, Bank Draft, electronic funds transfer) and similar to a paper check made out to “AEVERINE NIEVES”, Aeverine Zinn Holdings and/or Ava Zinn herself deposits the “electronic check” to Afena Federal Credit Union (the official bank of Aeverine Zinn Holdings) to be debited from the consumer’s checking, savings, or other bank account and credited to Aeverine Zinn Holdings/Ava Zinn’s checking and/or savings account at Afena Federal Credit Union. As is the case with a paper check, Aeverine Zinn Holdings does charge a fee of $50 if the check and/or e-check is returned unpaid, dishonored, or not processed due to insufficient funds.

Reinventing the Aeverine Zinn Holdings’ Brands, Services, and Products

“The fact is, we love receipts and billing statements, but as times change, so do consumer tastes,” said Alexandra Moffitt, Secretary of Aeverine Zinn Holdings. “We’ve created a billing statement/receipt to reflect what consumers are looking for. We’re not talking about a slightly-altered version of our previous billing statement/receipts. It’s a completely new statement reinvented from the ground up, and we are proud of it. To us, it’s as big as Domino’s Pizza changing their own Pizza Recipe ten years ago (in 2009), Diet Dr. Pepper changing its formula from 23 ingredients to 24 ingredients, or Kentucky Fried Chicken reinventing their own Colonel’s Recipe. We spent the last six years reinventing the brand in anticipation of our 20th anniversary.”

Moffitt noted that more than 75 percent of the Aeverine Zinn Holdings’ Products and Services are new since 2015. Added to the menu of services and products since that time:

  • Aeverine Zinn Holdings
      • Sheena Jay Private Detective Agency (10 percent ownership acquired in March 2018)
  • Aeverine Zinn Retail Venues
    • Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn
      • Salads (also offered at Holly & Robyn’s Vegetarian Buffet Restaurants)
        • Corn & Five Bean Salad, A salad with corn, chickpeas (garbanzo beans), black beans, green beans, kidney beans, and lima beans.
      • Pizza (also offered at Holly & Robyn’s Vegetarian Buffet Restaurants)
        • The Big Ten Cheese Pizza, the signature 10 cheese pizza on either red or white pizza sauce on pizza crust (also offered at Holly & Robyn’s Vegetarian Buffet Restaurants)
        • Indiana Double Stuffed Veggie Pizza, Roasted Red and Green Peppers, fresh onions, mushrooms, black and green olives, all sandwiched between two layers of crust with layers of cheese made with mozzarella. (also offered at Holly & Robyn’s Vegetarian Buffet Restaurants)
      • Subs and Sandwiches (also offered at Holly & Robyn’s Vegetarian Buffet Restaurants)
        • The VLMT Sub, a veggie patty with lettuce, mushrooms, and tomato with mayonnaise on a sandwich
        • Three Alarm Stromboli, a Stromboli with jalapeno, habanero, and chili peppers
      • Pies and Casseroles
        • Wax Bean Casserole, a twist on the Classic Green Bean Casserole
        • Seyfert’s Veggie Pie, a vegetable pot pie with crushed Seyfert’s Potato Chips
    • Charlie & Shirley’s Vape Shops
      • Make Your Own E-Liquid (E-Liquid Bar, also offered at Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn)
    • Holly & Robyn’s Vegetarian Buffet Restaurants
      • Build Your Own Salad (Salad Bar, also offered at Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn)
      • Build your own Pizza (Pizza Bar, also offered at Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn)
      • Build your own sandwiches/subs (Sandwich Bar, also offered at Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn)
    • Aeverine Zinn Vape Shoppes (Brand name for E-Liquids to be sold at Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn and Charlie & Shirley’s Vape Shops, pending approval from the Federal Food and Drug Administration and Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission) as well as distributed to vape shops in all of Indiana’s 92 counties:
      • Margaret’s Choice:
        • Lemon’s Da Bomb (Lemon Menthol)
        • Red Lemon (Cherry Lemonade)
        • Quadruple Berry (Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry)
        • Transman/F2M Juice (Vanilla Custard, Peanut Butter, and Quadruple Berry)
        • Transwoman/M2F Juice (Spearmint and Licorice/Anise)
      • Image Value:
        • Menthol Tobacco
        • Tobacco
        • Classic Menthol
        • Triple Mint (Spearmint, Mint, Peppermint)
  • Aeverine Zinn Digital Media
    • Online
      • AvaZinn.com
      • Aeverine Zinn Holdings Press Releases Press.AvaZinn.com
      • News at News.AvaZinn.com
      • Indiana Weather Wall at Weather.AvaZinn.com
      • INNewsCenter at INNewsCenter.AvaZinn.com
      • Vape Back! At VapeBack.AvaZinn.com
      • Vote for the Girls VFTGUSA.AvaZinn.com
      • Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn Official Web site at VapeGrill.AvaZinn.com
    • Media Production
      • Vote for the Girls
      • Vape Back! ()
      • Housing Hell
      • Retail Nightmares
    • Television
        • WXXC-FDT “INNCD 47 Fort Wayne” (10 percent ownership acquired February 2017, formerly owned from 1999 to 2008)

“The cherry on the top of all these recent innovations to the Retail and Digital Media divisions is our newly-inspired billing statements and receipts,” said Moffitt. “Our inspiration came from the thousands of direct consumer feedback messages on several social media channels over 20 years.

“Over a six-year period, we tested dozens of payment systems, 10 invoicing systems, and nearly 50 billing statement/receipt formats and researched every possible combination with customers who order from us all the time, customers who haven’t tried us in years, even customers who have a representative payee. Our extensive research showed that the new billing statements/receipts is significantly improved and more Representative Payee-friendly over our previous billing statements/receipts.”

Great Value Offer with Ads Featuring Real Aeverine Zinn Holdings Team Members

All divisions and subsidiaries of Aeverine Zinn Holdings will be marketing this new billing statement/receipts format aggressively in the next several weeks and with very limited advertising, sampling opportunities throughout the areas of Marion, Muncie, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis and a strong web-based presence, Moffitt said.

The special introductory offer will be announced at the appropriate Aeverine Zinn Holdings-owned web site(s) at a later date.

Advertising will be produced by Aeverine Zinn Digital Media Productions that will include documentary-style anecdotes featuring real consultants team members of all Aeverine Zinn Holdings divisions and subsidiaries. The spots, to be filmed outside of Mississinewa High School in Gas City, Indiana, the proposed Vape Bar & Grill Ava Zinn location in Marion, Indiana, and various other locations in Grant County, Indiana will show how Ava Zinn herself and Aeverine Zinn Holdings took on the challenge of changing the negative perceptions of some consumers in Marion, Indiana.

Putting The Money Where The Mouth Is

“Ava Zinn as an entrepreneur has long been known for service perfection,” said Moffitt. “With this new billing statement/receipt format we are convinced Ava Zinn and Aeverine Zinn Holdings can be known for both quality and service perfection. That’s why Ava is introducing this new billing/statement with a guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your experience at any Aeverine Zinn Holdings venue, we will make it right or refund your money in the form of Aeverine Zinn Holdings credit.

“My entire staff at Aeverine Zinn Holdings, the personal and professional consultants I work with, my family and I have been involved in this,” Zinn continued. “From yours truly Ava Zinn to my staff at all of my company as well as my retail and digital media divisions; from my products and services development team to my marketers — everyone has had a hand in reinventing our billing statement/receipts and relaunching Aeverine Zinn Holdings as an LGBT trans-woman-owned company.”

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