Ava Zinn: Five Things that will be different from old INNewsCenter

Ava Zinn: Five Things that will be different from old INNewsCenter

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Ava Zinn has been asked this as the revival of INNewsCenter is now live. Yet there are some things that will be different from the original version of INNewsCenter and what will be seen on the all new INNewsCenter.


First and foremost, just to be clear that all of INNewsCenter’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages are going to remain the same as it was before she closed INNewsCenter in 2011. Ava Zin is still administrator of the INNewsCenter revival. So if you haven’t done so already, please follow INNewsCenter on Twitter (@innewscenterhd), like us on Facebook (facebook.com/innewscenter), and subscribe to our channel on YouTube.


(NEW) Second, expect certain clips (as was the case for Cheryl Parker’s final WXIN-TV newscast and the American Idol 9 finale which was never uploaded to INNewsCenter’s YouTube channel) to be featured on both Vote for the Girls and INNewsCenter (clear examples are Vote for the Girls picks of American Idol 13’s Marrielle Sellars, So You Think You Can Dance 11’s Valerie Rocey, The Voice 5’s Olivia Henken and The Voice 7’s AllisonĀ  Bray), as BOTH sites are owned and operated by Aeverine Zinn Holdings. Such INNewsCenter clips will be female contestants (of which are supported by the American adaptation Vote for The Girls) and/or someone that Ava Zinn went to school with makes Indiana headlines and/or as was the case with the Ashley Rheam affair (which is covered on AvaZinn.com), especially for Issues related in the Marion, Mississinewa, and Eastbrook Community School Districts, and typically seen on the Ava Zinn You Tube Channel.

Third, at the time of INNewsCenter’s closure, and since the very last post on the site was WFFT-TV (channel 55, former Marion cable channel 2) losing Fox (and on March 1, 2013, WFFT has re-affiliated with the network) as well as a cable television dispute that lead to dropping Bright House Networks (not because of cable TV rates in case anyone wondered, but it was due to the WISH-TV/Bright House dispute in October 2008 that lead to the repercussions of the big four Fort Wayne stations dropped) and eventually replaced with AT&T U-Verse (via internet streaming) and over-the-air hybrid. There won’t be as much montages from the original as Ava will be most likely have to take an indoor TV antenna, and VCR to a hotel (especially in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, of which when Ava launched INNewsCenter in November 1999, only the Fort Wayne and Indianapolis markets were covered before adding the eight other markets that serve all 92 counties in Indiana.)

Fourth, due to Ms. Zinn’s commitments with Vote for the Girls (the American/USA version since 2010, UK/British version since 2013, and now the Australian version as of April 2015), Housing Hell (coming in 2016), family obligations (yes, Ms. Zinn does have a family), and other issues that do come up often, expect INNewsCenter to have a “INNewsCenter team” that will run the web site similar to “Nightline”‘s format since 2005 after Ted Koppel retired with all posts final by Ava Zinn.

The fifth thing that will be different from the original INNewsCenter and the revival is going to be a new, yet likely going to be a YouTube copyright issue at the end of the day. In 2008, months before the WISH-TV/Bright House dispute, I was notified as the administrator of INNewsCenter since LIN TV of Providence contacted Ava about using INNewsCenter’s graphical elements (such as high definition pillars on clips used for 4:3 videos in 480 i as INNewsCenter will still be presenting clips in high definition when the original version upgraded to high definition/widescreen in 2007 and a digital on-screen graphic) and in 2013 on the INNewsCenter YouTube channel asked to take down clips from WIPB-TV in Muncie, which is a bloody shame. With that in mind, that lead Ava to consider a new feature, mostly for the station owner’s interests and copyright claims — The INNewsCenter Safe Haven Policy, which allows Ava Zinn (as the owner and admin of INNewsCenter) at the station owner’s request in the event the clips be taken down from INNewsCenter’s YouTube channel and as the administrator of INNewsCenter, offer the station owner (like Scripps, Tribune, or Media General) the use of INNewsCenter’s clip(s) be uploaded to the station’s YouTube Channel (such as WISH-TV or WRTV) to be presented it was seen on the station involved. A clear example of this is from WTWO-TV in Terre Haute (watch below).

BTW, since INNewsCenter is owned and operated by Ava Zinn, the civil policies are subject to the 2-5-10-BANNED Rule, that went into effect July 4, 2014. Should a station owner request a station’s material be taken down on YouTube due to copyright, that’s an automatic 20 year BANNED/BANNED as long as the station remains on the air. Another example is after Josh Kaufman won The Voice of America 6, INNewsCenter will not be uploading anything from WTHR from July 4, 2014 until January 4, 2016 under Ms. Zinn’s discretion and this applies to Vote for the Girls USA.

And last but not least, the sixth and final thing that will be different on the INNewsCenter revival is that only five significantly viewed markets of Peoria/Bloomington (viewed in Terre Haute); Grand Rapids (viewed in South Bend/Elkhart); Toledo and Detroit (viewed in Fort Wayne); and Lexington KY (viewed in Louisville and Cincinnati OH) are being added to the ten markets that INNewsCenter covered during the original 1999-2011 run. When the site launched, INNewsCenter only covered Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, and in 2004 added the eight other Indiana television markets of South Bend, Evansville, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Gary (Chicago, IL), New Albany (Louisville, KY), Richmond (Dayton, OH), and Rising Sun (Cincinnati, OH).

In closing, things will basically be the same on INNewsCenter when Ava Zinn closed the site on June 30, 2011. Zinn said of the revival, “Closing INNewsCenter was the biggest regret I’ve ever made. When I relaunch the INNewsCenter site, it will be located at avazinn.com/innewscenter because INNewsCenter.net has since been taken by another owner.”

We look forward to these changes as we will still be covering all Indiana’s 92 counties.

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